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Recent Graduates

Published on August 8, 2022

These are recent graduates that were a part of my Robins Haven of Hope group.

College Graduates    
Daremas Bell - Texas A&M
Kirsten Williams - Lamar University

Also attached is a message from Kirsten's mother on the effect Robins Haven of Hope had on her son.
Another note is a post I made in regards to congratulating both Daremas Bell and Kirsten. 

High School Graduates

Sunday Nelson- will be attending Lamar University in Fall 2022
Kelson Tatum - will be attending Texas State University in Fall 2022. *Kelson graduated high school with his associate's degree as well*

Robins Haven of Hope and Robin Bennett. Is very proud of Kirsten Williams. I am so proud of what he accomplished. I am proud of who he is without a ball but with knowledge. I am so proud of you for going to further studies for your master's. All that I preached about educating yourself you followed. I am so proud of your mother Ms. Olivia for being a single mother and raising 3 successful boys. Tell me what can’t happen when you put God first and hard-working mothers. Never been
in trouble and listened to God. Thank you for being a champion along with Daremas Bell who graduated as well. Congratulations for being a champion and showing change without a football or basketball. Robins Haven of Hope making a change in the community.